XH-W1308 12V Thermostat Temperature Controller Sensor Module
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  • Temperature Range: -55℃ to 120℃
  • Thermostat Accuracy: 0.1℃
  • Input Voltage: 12V
  • Output Current: 10A (Max)
  • Temperature Probe Wire: NTC10K 0.5meter (waterproof)
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃ to 60℃
  • Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% RH
  • Screen Size:37mm x 18mm
  • Whole Size: 100mm x 48mm x 28mm
  • Operation:
    • Determining the mode: Press and hold SET for about 3 seconds, it will display P0, press SET to modify the value of P0, H is the heating mode, and C is cooling mode.
    • Setting the backlash: Backlash is the set temperature to drop before the heating/cooling starts again after the target temperature is achieved, the default is 2, if you need to modify, press and hold the SET and choose P1.
    • Setting the temperature: After the mode and blacklash are set, press ENT to confirm the return, the screen displays real-time temperature, press “+” or “-” to set the stop temperature.
  • Mode Setting:
    • P0 Working mode: When you are first time to use this digital thermostat module, you must set P0, if works for heating, set to be “H”, if working for cooling, set to be “G”.
    • P1 temperature range value: For example, set heating mode, temperature 37°C-40°C, then value is 3.
    • P2-P3: No function
    • P4 Adjust temperature error: If there is some error between real temperature and tested temperature, you can use this function. The adjusted value=tested value + adjusted value. For example, we tested temperature 25.6°C, but real temperature is 25.8°C, then you can set P4 to be 0.2, then final temperature is 25.6°C+0.2=25.8°C.
    • P5 Delaying start: operation can be delayed up to 10 minutes.
    • P6  Alarm for high temperature: When the real temperature is over than the set value, the screen will show “HHH” and the buzzer will alarm sound, at the same time, will cut off output to protect electric circuit.
    • P7 Data lock: To prevent other people to modify the setting. After you set all values, you can enter “P7″, and set to be “On”, then all values couldn`t be modified, unless enter “P7″ again to set to be “Off”.
    • P8: Recovery of all values to be in initial state


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  • 1x XH-W1308 12V Thermostat Temperature Controller Sensor Module



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 1x XH-W1308 12V Thermostat Temperature Controller Sensor Module