Arduino USB Host Shield
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This is revision 2.0 of USB Host Shield. Thanks to new interface layout it is now compatible with more Arduinos - not only UNO and Duemilanove, but also big Mega and Mega 2560 work with Standard variant of this shield out of the box. No more SPI re-wiring and code modifications, plug and play! This is great shield if you want to interface with Android phone or tablets too.


This shield is shipped as picture shown, containing populated and tested board plus a set of stackable headers, which is properly soldered. This shield will work with standard (dual 5/3.3V) and 3.3V-only (for example, Arduino Pro) boards. Arduino clones with standard connector layout, including ICSP connector, should work.


The following device classes are currently supported by the shield:

  • HID devices, such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc.
  • USB to serial converters - FTDI, PL-2303, ACM, as well as certain cell phones and GPS receivers
  • ADK-capable Android phones and tablets
  • Digital cameras - Canon EOS, Powershot, Nikon DSLRs and P&S, as well as generic PTP
  • Support for more devices is currently in development.



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